Problem 1:

Navigating through life is tougher when you're visually-impaired.

Problem 2:

You can't use a smartphone, when you can't see it.

A smartphone with vocal-interface to assist visually-impaired humans.


According to WHO, an estimated of 253Mn people live with visual impairment (36Mn blinds & 217Mn with moderate vision) of which, 81% are aged 50 or above. India alone has 4Mn visual-impairment humans.


We wish to tap into the Indian market first, with an affordable introductory price and focus on a niche audience.


Hardware Specification.

  • 512MB RAM

  • ARM610 (1GHz) Processor

  • Linux-platform

  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.1


  • GPS

  • 5MP Camera

  • 6-hours usage time

  • Ultrasonic, Gas, Gyro & Light sensor

  • Wireless earpods


  • Face & Object Detection

  • Voice Commands

  • GSM for Call, SMS & Internet Connectivity

  • Object Distance Detection

  • High-resolution pictures

  • GPS Navigation

  • Personal Assistant

  • Light & Gas detection

  • Easy-to-configure

  • Portable